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Robert Davis, Integrative Neuromuscular Therapist

Neuromuscular massage therapist at Massage Whiz in South Miami who performs clinical massage and sports massage with stretching.
Open today until 2:00 PM
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The ankle sprains commonly occur during athletic activity. They frequently are caused by a sudden severe trauma such as landing incorrectly from a jump in basketball, gliding on snow with skis, or tripping on some uneven ground while running. Also, ankle sprains can happen during everyday activit...

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Massage and Bodywork Magazine published an article about Mayo Clinic pilot study that shows massage therapy dramatically reduces pain levels for heart surgery patients.The study included 58 patients who were suffering from discomfort as a result of cardiac surgery. Following that, 30 patients re...

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As the holiday season approaches, we remember those who have benefited from our massage therapy service. At the same time, they have accompanied us on our professional and personal journeys. Even though we are grateful to you every day, we clearly do not have enough opportunity to say "thank you....

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Do repetitive actions cause you to have pain or discomfort in your hands and thumb?
A common tenosynovitis complaint in the thumb is De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. The majority of patients with this condition have a history of repetitive motion activities or recurrent loads on the thumb or wrist. A...

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Hot Weather in South Florida is already here! Many clients who come to their massage therapy complain about suffering headaches, deep tenderness in the muscles, or stiffness in various parts of the body more frequently these days. Trigger points seem to be as active as the mosquitoes during summe...

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4 sessions of Manual Lymphatic Drainage at $320/Reg. $400

Jan 20, 2021 – Feb 26, 2021

It is a light massage at the delicate superficial lymph vessels. It focuses on boosting the natural drainage of the lymph which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. It works excellent after a few sessions with swelling tissue, in remove-tissue-like surgeries, diabet...

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"Amusement and pleasant surprises – and the laughter they can trigger – add texture to the fabric of daily life. Those giggles and guffaws can seem like just silly throwaways. But laughter, in response to funny events, actually takes a lot of work, because it activates many areas of the brain: ar...

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Extract taken from Myofascial Release: Athletic, Sport, and Dancing Injuries article. Date 11/18/2020.
"Myofascial release combined with massage is wonderful; each enhancing the effectiveness of the other. Traditional stretching only releases about 20 percent of the fascial system. It doesn’t re...

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Chiari Malformation (CM) is a group of complex brain abnormalities that affect the area in the lower posterior head where the brain and the spinal cord connect. CM can also cause pressure on the brain and the spinal cord, potentially causing a wide variety of symptoms. The hallmark...

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8 months ago
Robert is an experienced professional in the vast world of massage therapy in Florida. You can go get a massage and then you can go and get body work. For me, the body work transforms my structure and continues to create increased flexibility and range of motion. I am grateful for his talent and service and will continue for as long as I can.
- Alicia E
a year ago
It was easy to get an appointment online with Robert. When I arrived he was on time and ready. I was a returning client so after some chit chat to catch up he dove right in. He has excellent technique and is knowledgeable and professional. I like a neuromuscular deep tissue massage (no whimsy stuff) and he more than delivers the right pressure for me. I took an hour appointment and asked for a little more at the end and he did it for a very reasonable and slight up charge for his time. I highly recommend Robert.
- Steven J
2 years ago
I met Robert Davis in 2015 when I wanted a massage to ease the tension on my shoulder and neck area. After that day no massage therapist amounts to his knowledge, passion and healing energy. Robert is a true example of Vision+Believe+Action+Passion for what he loves to do= Dream Building Through Robert’s Vision he sees his power to heal bodies, through Robert’s believe he knows it’s possible, through Robert’s Passion for what he loves to do sums in Robert Davis Integrative Neuromuscular Massage Therapy=Dream Building. Thank you Robert for all the times you have shared with me your dream through your healing touch to realign my body and mindset. May God continue to enlighten you and guide you as you continue in this beautiful journey and purpose God set for you.
- Maria S

The philosophy of Robert Davis

Robert Davis is a Licensed Massage Therapist, who focuses on chronic pain created by postural distortion patterns. He has been caring for patients for more than 13 years and working in Cuba, the USA and Colombia. He has knowledge and experience in techniques such as Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching, Structural Fascia, Reiki and Holistic Manual Lymphatic Drainage. The purpose is to create a personalized treatment plan that responds to the unique health history and way of living of the patients. The key to the success of every massage therapy session is to mix varieties of techniques. The goal is to solve chronic or acute muscle pain by the elimination of muscle spasm, restoring flexibility and restoring biomechanical proper posture.

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